My first blog entry + interview for the ‘Albion Calling’ blog

Welcome to my blog, everyone 🙂  This is my first attempt at writing an Internet blog, and I hope you will enjoy my occasional musings on my academic research or the news of the day.

I hope to share with you my thoughts on Modern Pagan religions, various modes of feminist Spiritualities, issues in the history of feminism, British, American and Israeli cultural history, identity politics, and whatever else catches my fancy.

For now, I wish to share with you my interview for Ethan Doyle White’s blog – Albion Calling  – where several other (much more) noted scholars of Pagan Studies have been interviewed in the past. We talked on several interesting subjects, such the role of women in British magical and Pagan subcultures from the late nineteenth to the late twentieth-century; a recent issue of the ‘Alternative Spirituality and Religion Review’ which I edited and is devoted to the alternative spiritualities of Israel; the place of Paganism in Israel; the impact of the academic boycott; and the international development of the growing field of Pagan studies. Had a great time doing this !! Thank you, Ethan 🙂

The interview can be seen here.

With every good wish,

Shai Feraro 🙂



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